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Glass Range

Clear and Tinted Float

4 mm to 12 mm Clear Float and tinted glasses including bronze, grey, green and blue.

Climate Control Glass

A range of Climate Control Glasses including:-

  • Low E Hard coated products including K Glass, K Glass on Optiwhite and Planibel A.
  • Low E Soft coated products including Planitherm Total +, Climaguard A + and Pilkington KS.
  • Low Iron, Self Cleaning and noise control glasses.

Decorative and Patterned Glass

​We stock over 25 different types of patterned and surface treated glasses providing varying levels of obscuration for privacy and style.

Laminated, Wired and Silvered

Our range of glasses includes laminated for safety and security applications, Wired Glasses providing integrity for fire protection and silvered glasses for mirror applications.

Please see our stock list for full details of our stock glass range and available sizes - Please click here to download our stock list.

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